Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just prettier!

I have this little chair that probably went to a desk or vanity.  The chairs has the typical French styling that we seem to like so well.  She needed a little make up job... so here is what I did.

First, I cleaned and vacuumed the dust and loose particles. 

Then, I removed the seat and began to lightly sand the painted surface to dull the shine.

She was given a coat of primer and then paint.  I just sanded around the edges to give her a little bit of time worn look.  I will add a good coat of wax to protect her.  Now, on to the upholstery of the seat.  Natural burlap is my choice here.  It has such a nice texture and color.

TA.. DA..  the finished chair.  Hopefully, she will become one of a set of four mismatched dining chairs.  There are three more waiting for their make over.  Smiles.


  1. I love her. I think I need a chair (besides my set of dining chairs lol)


  2. She is really looking good after her makeover...great job!!!



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