Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Faith working here.

I usually post about furniture... but spring is all around me.  I have been in the garden and planting seeds in doors.  It's truly amazing to watch the tiny seeds pop their little heads out of the ground.  I have so enjoyed it the past week.  I have potatoes popping up and the indoor seeds, too.

Since faith is the substance of things hoped for... Planting seeds is a work of faith!  You plant, water, and hope for the best...   I like to garden and I at least try to plant a space for vegetables each year. Sometimes I am able to keep up with it and sometimes I'm not. It depends on a lot of factors - weather - time - and just how many weeds that I need to physically keep pulled up.   Now with spring only a couple days away... it's really time.  I haven't started plants from seeds before... so this will be my first attempt. 

 After research - I decided to purchase a seed heating mat, a thermostat, and a timer.  Also, two shop lights, trays and a soiless seed starting mixture were purchased.  For all you REAL gardeners... I realize that it could be a little late for some seeds, but not others. Besides, I'll be doing this with my precious 5 year old and he is so excited!

I needed a place to hang the lights... so the distance from the plants could be adjusted as the plants began to grow. Faith working here.  I remembered a planter that I purchased last fall and had not used ... yet. It's solid iron with a copper planting area and some tile and iron-like shelving. It's heavy.  Almost like a potting bench - but shorter.

As I began to look at the planter, I realized that might be just the thing for my seeding area.  I painted an old coffee table top and added it to the shelving at the bottom.  It needed some width and something solid to sit the heating mat and trays upon.
With that portion done... it was on to the lights.  I simply hung them from the 'rails' on the planter with the included chains. 

Not so pretty... but hopefully it will add lots of beauty to the outside with flowers and veggies.

As you can see... tiny little plants coming through the ground.

These are marigolds.  My little ones love the babies. 

 Enjoy your spring!

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  1. How lovely, wishing all the best for you seeds. It's always fun when children are involved too. Look forward to seeing the little seedlings grow.

    Lisa x


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