Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just prettier!

I have this little chair that probably went to a desk or vanity.  The chairs has the typical French styling that we seem to like so well.  She needed a little make up job... so here is what I did.

First, I cleaned and vacuumed the dust and loose particles. 

Then, I removed the seat and began to lightly sand the painted surface to dull the shine.

She was given a coat of primer and then paint.  I just sanded around the edges to give her a little bit of time worn look.  I will add a good coat of wax to protect her.  Now, on to the upholstery of the seat.  Natural burlap is my choice here.  It has such a nice texture and color.

TA.. DA..  the finished chair.  Hopefully, she will become one of a set of four mismatched dining chairs.  There are three more waiting for their make over.  Smiles.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Faith working here.

I usually post about furniture... but spring is all around me.  I have been in the garden and planting seeds in doors.  It's truly amazing to watch the tiny seeds pop their little heads out of the ground.  I have so enjoyed it the past week.  I have potatoes popping up and the indoor seeds, too.

Since faith is the substance of things hoped for... Planting seeds is a work of faith!  You plant, water, and hope for the best...   I like to garden and I at least try to plant a space for vegetables each year. Sometimes I am able to keep up with it and sometimes I'm not. It depends on a lot of factors - weather - time - and just how many weeds that I need to physically keep pulled up.   Now with spring only a couple days away... it's really time.  I haven't started plants from seeds before... so this will be my first attempt. 

 After research - I decided to purchase a seed heating mat, a thermostat, and a timer.  Also, two shop lights, trays and a soiless seed starting mixture were purchased.  For all you REAL gardeners... I realize that it could be a little late for some seeds, but not others. Besides, I'll be doing this with my precious 5 year old and he is so excited!

I needed a place to hang the lights... so the distance from the plants could be adjusted as the plants began to grow. Faith working here.  I remembered a planter that I purchased last fall and had not used ... yet. It's solid iron with a copper planting area and some tile and iron-like shelving. It's heavy.  Almost like a potting bench - but shorter.

As I began to look at the planter, I realized that might be just the thing for my seeding area.  I painted an old coffee table top and added it to the shelving at the bottom.  It needed some width and something solid to sit the heating mat and trays upon.
With that portion done... it was on to the lights.  I simply hung them from the 'rails' on the planter with the included chains. 

Not so pretty... but hopefully it will add lots of beauty to the outside with flowers and veggies.

As you can see... tiny little plants coming through the ground.

These are marigolds.  My little ones love the babies. 

 Enjoy your spring!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ The Antique French Bergere ~

Being new to this blog thing... I sometimes do not know what to share... I have been selling furniture online for about 5 years.  The furniture has changed a little - from true antiques to the 'beautifully imperfect' pieces that I redo.  My most favorite (if that is correct English) thing to redo is French Bergere chairs....  So... going through my pictures... I found this redo.  I hope you like it.

Last summer, I found this set of chairs (only one is pictured) on eBay and knew I wanted them... but I  wasn't sure what I would do to them.  I understand that they were from the late 1800's ... and as heavy as they are - I believe it.  I started out much the same way that I always start out... sitting the chairs in my dining room... where I can see them through out the day.   After sitting there for about a week... looking all prim and proper...

I started by repairing and sanding the old polychrome finish.  Then I had some left over 'pistachio green' paint... and so that's what I used.  Using a paint brush...

I was a little scared at this time in the redo...

Looking pretty???  I just wasn't sure ~ yet.

OK.. now for the real stuff...  it was the first time I had experimented with stain over paint.  I wasn't 'blog watching' at the time of this redo... so I didn't realize others were doing this too. LOL    Here are the results of just brushing on a dark walnut stain .... and wiping it off with a soft cloth.

Not too bad... huh? 

OK - now at this stage I was so impressed!  I was hooked on stain over paint! 

The upholstery was to be very special for this very special pair of chairs.  I decided on an ivory hemp canvas for the front and cushion with a double welt... and a natural color hemp canvas with individual nail heads for the back and underneath.  Although I do some upholstery projects... I use an elderly gentleman for the special pieces... and he is so very gracious to do what I ask... even if he looks at me like I had three heads and was from Mars.  All aside... I think he did an excellent job.

So... there she is... one of the pair... I like her! 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The New-Life Bench

I remember many long telephone conversations while sitting on a telephone bench / table as a teenager in the hallway of my home.  (I'm telling my age... and I think the table we had was very old then - smiles). 

So... memories included ~ this was a special little project.  I think she turned out very nice!

The table portion was already removed when I got this little baby.  But she needed to be scrubbed down, sanded, primed, painted, distressed and upholstered.  I used all white... I love the clean lines and clean color.

Take a look at the before.

Here she is again... all finished.

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The Sweetest Teapot ~

I want to share the sweetest little antique teapot!  A friend found this in Chattanooga, TN a few months ago.  The colors are so brilliant ~ the most beautiful green.  As with all antiques, I imagine the tea-parties that this little piece must have been part. 

The crazing only adds to the character as well as the stained inside.    This tells me that this teapot was really loved and used. 

The teapot is labeled on the bottom:  Made in England and it is numbered.  The perfect accent piece - beauty and history.

Do you have a special teapot?  I would love to hear about them.

AND  a big thank you to Linda at BURLAPandBLUE for featuring my esty store today.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raining ... blessings!

Today in East Tennessee it's raining and overcast.  There is a blessing in the air.  I have potatoes planted and I am just waiting to see the little lovely leaves poke through the earth.  They need the rain.  AND I need the rain, too.  I love to see things grow.... it's like hope of good things to come.  Keep in mind that the following pictures only help me to hope for my own little potato leaves.....