Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Update the Fauteuils

Since I have been in business for almost 5 years... I have lots of projects... I must admit that most are 'pending'.... such as this pair of beautiful 1800's French fauteuil chairs.  Some of the upholstery has been removed to make it easier to refinish the wood.  The French green color is gorgeous, but not in good condition.  Time for an update.

Diamonds in the ROUGH!!!

The chairs were primed, sanded (a little), and painted with BM Decorator White. The chairs have cured for several weeks now…. pretty carvings. 


The chairs were then slightly distressed and given a heavy coat of dark brown walnut stain. I love the final look. It’s dark in the deep places… and it truly gives that aged looked that these chairs deserve.

It's getting there... one more to go. 

I love the updated look....

The story will continue with upholstery – but that’s for another day.



  1. Hi Connie! Those chairs are fabulous! What a thrill to be able to give them new life and make them beautiful again!


  2. Wow, what an improvement! Those look amazing. Great work!

  3. WOW, these chairs are soooo beautiful! I love your paint job and will have to keep it in mind for the future:0)


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